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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  April 27, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> why doesn't he keep to themselves and the republicans are digging themselves into a hole. let them keep digging. >> what did you learn? >> according to our man, if johnny is alive today, he would be a nighthood. >> it's morning joe live from london. stick around for the daily rundown with chuck and savannah. national security shakeup. leon panetta will head the department of defense while general david petraeus leaves the battle feed to head the cia. plus -- >> if it you're yelling, i just want to ask to you leave. it's not polite to everybody. >> congressman paul ryan on defense defending his budget plan on his home turf at some town halls. mus, tplus the down ald trump pseudo campaign.
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we'll get to the rundown and we'll start with news. the president expected to speak from the briefing room in about 45 minutes from now. the white house this morning has released the long form copy of his birth certificate from the state of hawaii. released it to reporters and briefing help right now, the communications director, press secretary and the white house counsel. they also handed out a copy of a letter that was sent to the that r hawaii department of health from president obama requesting his certificate. as we understand it, the counsel had to physically travel to hawaii to get the birth certificate. answer as soon as we have a copy, we will show you. let's turn to mark murray. i know this came as something of
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a surprise. a lot of breaking news on the national security front this morning. but the administration has made a calculation that this issue was one that wasn't going to go away, so they took this extra ordinary measure. >> you've seen poll after poll of certain segment of the united states society believing that president obama wasn't born in the united states. of course that is fundamentally with republicans and some republican voters. but clearly they thought that they had something that they needed to get will this out. it is an extraordinary development. if abodonald trump doesn't end running for the presidency, one thing he will have contributed is forcing the president to make this announcement. it is interesting as we pointed out in first read, this is clearly a conspiracy theory. anyone who has been looked into it, he was born in the united states, was born in hawaii, but they feel that if lbj somehow in 1967 had to put out all these documents that he was not
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involved in the jfk kennedy as satisfies nation, so the white house responding having to do this, deciding that they needed to get this out and move on to other issues it's really extraordinary. >> it is indeed. and as i understand it, will they made this decision about a week ago, they had to request a waiver so it could be released to someone other than president obama himself. and it's clear they felt that this was distracting from some of the more important issues. i had one official just tell me there were shall who were telling the president this is good for you politically because it goexposes the fringe in the republican party, but the president made the calculation that it was a distraction from some of the issues that he'd rather be talking about. >> and of course donald trump had been having a news conference today in new hampshire and it this is something that he'll talk even if he's not running for president will say, look, i forced the president's hand on this issue. >> it's interesting because they are taking pains to make clear
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that the birth certificate that they released up until now, the short form, is still the legal form, it still has all the legal force and it is of course what most citizens get when they request a birth certificate from the department of health if hawaii. but as i understand it, this long form certificates has signatures of the doctors, the local registrar, the ages of his parents, the name of the hospital, and the same information actually that we saw on the short form is also contained in this longer form. one of the conspiracy theories out there was that this long form would have an entry blank for religion and that maybe the conspiracy theory went it said muslim. but here it is. you can take a look with me here. we can now show this is the certificate of live birth, the long form that the white house has now released of president obama showing his birthday of august 4 9, 1964 and the birthd
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honolulu. >> anyone who has looked at the short form has noticed that it was signed by local officials, that it was the real thing, and that getting involved in this conspiracy theory, what was interesting, jay carney just yesterday at the white house was saying it is ridiculous that we're having to discuss this, but the white house clearly decided that they needed to release this document. >> and if we can bring that document up full again, you see right there the signatures of ann dunham obama signed it it. and i can barely make out the nape, i guess that's the registrar below who has signed it. so this theory this it longer form that the president didn't want to have the longer porm released because of some fear that it would reveal his religion, we can see is unfounded and they have got the
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birth certificate out from the bows of the building. what's interesting is donald trump is about to do a news conference, he's coming to new hampshire, he has seen his poll numbers rise somewhat because of the name i d. issue early on. but also he's gotten some traction on this birth certificate issue. it will be very interesting to see if he's prepared to come out and say i'm satisfied, i can drop this issue now. >> there's a certain segment of the republican populous that want on believe the worst. and donald trump has seized on that. it's still unclear whether he's running for president. everything today looks like the tapping of a presidential candidate, but he's not in until he's officially in. but regardless of whether he runs or not, there is this void in the republican party where republicans and conservative voters want somebody to essentially get in obama's face on personal issues and try to
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cast him as almost an illegitimate president and that's what this local issue goes to, just the constant two plus year, three years in the making of trying to make president obama or even then candidate obama an illegitimate candidate. >> mark murray, thank you for being here as we cover the breaking news. we'll keep our eye on it. the president himself is expected to come to the white house briefing room in about half an hour from now, 9:45 eastern time, to discuss these developments. but if you're just joining us, the white house has now released the long form of the president's birth certificate, his counsel having travelled to hawaii to retrieve that document. there it is shown to white house reporters this morning in the briefing room. we will follow this this live. other breaking news this morning, news about president obama's national security team. nbc has learned cia director leon panetta has been tapped to replace robert gates at the pentagon and general david petraeus will be nominated to
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replace panetta as cia director. the official announcement from the president is likely to happen tomorrow. jim miklaszewski is live with more. we reported this morning that the president caused, offered the job to panetta on monday. he accepted the job yesterday, but as my sources and probably yours, as well, have told you, this was a reluctant panetta who took will this job. he loved the cia. wanted to stay there. and thought in a couple years i'll probably head back to california. instead he has a new duty awaiting him. >> and before we go there, there is new news developments in that tragic story out of cabo, this morning. u.s. military officials how telling us that eight americans were killed at the military site of the kabul airport when an afghan military pilot for some reason opened fire to them. we're told it's believed that at least seven were american service members. and one was an american civilian
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working there at the airport with those military trainers. but again the new news now is that eight americans were killed. but, as a matter of fact, leon panetta, if i could switch streams here, leon panetta, when he came into the cia, everybody questioned his credentials because he had to national security background. he was a democratic member of congress, he was the director of the office of management and budget, and then the clinton administration took him into the white house to clean up a mess there after a series of scandals that overwhelmed the white house during the clinton administration. but when he took that job at the cia despite the skeptic, he slipped seamlessly in to that position. and soon gained the admiration of not only those in the cia, the entire national security apparatus, not only here and abroad, and our adversaries overseas quickly learned that panetta can be a tough customer to deal with. and now he appears to an perfect
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choice to take over here at d.o.d. not only because of his recent experience of the cia, but as omb director, he's well prepared to take on congress during the upcoming budget wars that are going to explode here shortly. >> over panetta's tenure, obviously the cia had high profile captures or kills in terms of al qaeda operatives. so panetta obviously was reluctant to leave in a post. let me ask you about general david petraeus who will now replace panetta if confirmed at cia. what's the feeling, what are you hearing about that particular choice? obviously a loss in this terms of the battlefield, but the white house having thrown petraeus into this position in the wake of the stanley mcchrystal debacle, obviously kind of owed petraeus one and has decided that cia is the best place for him to land. >> i'm reluctant, and i've said this before, when he did take
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over for mcchrystal to describe a government action in superlative, but him taking over in afghanistan was pure gene just by the white house and the president and it comes close do that in terms of the cia not only because his battlefield experience, but a large part of take of course has been involved in counterterrorism, which is at front and center of all the national security issues today. so, again, another seamless transition would appear to be in the works for petraeus to move over to cia. >> all right, breaking headlines out of the pentagon this morning. jim, hangthank you. our top story, the white house releasing the long form of the president's birth certificate hoping to put an end to the controversy that has dogged president obama for years. although he had released the legal copy of his birth certificate from the state of hawaii. critics had demanded more, they wanted to see the long form.
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the president has asked his counsel to travel to that would i that would i toy get a copy. he's done so. and this morning senior officials showed to white house reporters. we can show you a copy of this long form of the birth certificate. it shows the president to have been born in honolulu, hawaii, on august 4th, 1961. signed by the local registrar as well as the president's mother. we want to head to new hampshire where donald trump, a would-be presidential candidate who has been getting a lot of traction by reviving this birth certificate issue is actually expected to attend several events in new hampshire. he's expected to lafrnd anymore. and i know he'll have a news conference. i wonder what he'll say about this development. >> reporter: yes, obviously that will be the first question. i don't know whether it will put
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to rest or not because as you know, donald trump has been raising a lot of issues about this birth certificate. i infer that had there might be something on it that's embarrassing. he inferred that it might say he's a muslim. we know it does not. he's also questioned whether the president should have been admitted to harvard university and columbia, questioning his education credentials. so regardless of what the white house produce, my guess is that trump and others are still going to hammer away at this issue in some way. but it will be interesting to see how he responds to being confronted with a document proof that in fact this issue is not an issue. trump is not here just yet. he'll be here for a few hour, go downtown, meet with shopkeeper, voters. he'll also do a big fund raiser here, $1,000 a blat luncheon
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trying to raise a lot of money for the state g ocht p and of course that's something that trump certainly knows how to do. but of course when he gets here, the birth certificate issue will be question number one. >> ron allen, glad to have you on the ground this. we know you'll report back when mr. trump arrives. i know if our entthis our inter claimed the long form would be sufficient for him. we'll see if it that turns out to be the case. our breaking coverage of the issue continues. when we come back, we'll check will with mike who was in the briefing. and also joined by the ranking member on the budget committee in the house. plements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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breaking news on msnbc.
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white house officials have released the long form copy of president obama's birth certificate and there it is. he had to send his personal lawyer to hawaii to retrieve this. you can see identifies the president, his birthday august 4th, 1961. crucially, he was born in honolulu, is signed by the loca registrar and his mother. . the white house has released a couple of other documents this morning including a letter from president obama to the director of health in the department of health in hawaii asking that two certified copies of his original certificate of live birth be released. and he sent his counsel physical tloi hawaii to get that document.
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let's get to mike viqueira. >> reporter: i'll hold the document up once again. two key words. certificate of live birth. will this is the document that many people over the course of the last few years had said president obama should are released. and the following document, the document on the second page, which they actually did release during the campaign says certification of live birth. so a small distinction there at least in terms of title. a large distinction among the so-called birther community because there had been no signatures on the original document. this is it. this is the one with the signatures and everything else. and why did they release it today? according to white house officials, quote, the president believed it was becoming a distraction. and to hear them tell it, the white house officials, the president released his budget proposal, his debt and deficit proposal, the republicans released their debt and deficit proposal, a grand argument had ensued. and what happened?
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people were talking about what the white house today describes as a fake issue, a fake controversy, a side show detracting from the real issues of the day. they discount any relationship to donald trump, his allegations, the notoriety that he's achieved. we might mention that trump is due in new hampshire of all places today. but the document was received here in the white house we're told between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. last night after a representative of the white house counsel's office flew out to hawaii after this exchange of letters asking help to release the long form document. so this controversy seemingly coming to an end. of course obviously there will be individuals who doubt even th this, but in the briefing, they passed it out here in the white
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house today. >> mike viqueira, thank you. and i'm looking at a copy of the long form and short form right now. some of the key differences of course the long form has more information particularly the name of the hospital where the president was born. proponents of the conspiracy theory often said the president did not know or there was some confusion about which hospital he was born in. this identifies the hospital. it also has more biographical information about the president's parents including the father's anyone, his birth place, his mother's age, her birth place and it bears the signature of the president's mother as well as the local registrar. so there are key differences. but the short form version that has been released up to this point is still legally enn. force. let's turn to chris van holland who is good enough to be here. we were to talk about the budget, but we'll go with the news. what do you make of the
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president's decision to take rather extraordinary step of sending somebody physically to hawaii and release this to the public? >> i think it was the right call. as you said, the president is dealing with a struggling economy. he's announcing his new national security team today. and yet this ridiculous theory continues to be out will. so this is an opportunity to put it behind him once and for all, move on, focus on the important things to this country so that we can be talking about the real issues of the day. >> having seen it now, do you ask yourselves what took them so long? why did not this dough this two years ago and nip this controversy in the bud before it became a big controversy? >> because everybody who knows and has followed this issue knows that the short term certificate is actually the legal document. a perfectly good document. all this is a longer form. clearly donald trump has been the circus clown in this issue. he made this the big issue. the whole issue has gone away
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now. people will allege come up with excuses to take pot shots of the president, the president now can focus on the important issues without this ridiculous distraction. >> there is something about this issue that a lot of folks goes further in the sense that it doesn't attack the president on policy, it attacks his very eligibility as president. some look at this and see things of racism. what do you think about this particular controversy? >> this is a particularly cynical attack for the reasons you've said. the whole idea is to try to delegitimize the president of the united states somehow. even as he's taking on these major challenges. so that has been the undercurrent. that's been the code for many people here. the president's not really a true american. and it's been the most cynical of strategies. donald trump and others have tried to exploit it.
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it's been theater, sort of the court jester. and now i think this should come to a complete rest so that we can talk about the budget deficit, jobs, and the major issues that are confronting the country. >> we talk about this sort of being a fringe issue, but the fact of the matter is, and i think the white house is certainly well aware of he's kinds of poll result, there was a big chunk of americans who at least had a question. the latest poll shows that two-thirds of republicans said either the president wasn't born in the united states or they weren't sure. 45% believed he was born outside the united states. once you are familiar with the facts, it was hard to dispute that the president is born in the quuunited states and yet fo large section of americans, this issue was confuse to go thing t. >> that's because you had so many people who were otherwise credible spokes people,
9:25 am
including a lot of politicians, including people who were out there talking every day on pornd issues who refused to look at a camera and say this is a ridiculous issue because they were afraid of getting a shawl part of their base upset at them. so i think there's a lot of blame to go around here with people who knew better, who looked at the evidence but decided to keep this fire burning for their own political purposes. >> you're a good sport as we change topics on you. i hope you'll come back. thank you very much. and as we continue to follow breaking news here at msnbc, a reminder we expect the president in the white house briefing room in about 20 minutes from now. he will discuss the news this morning, he has released the long form copy of his birth certificate having sent his personal lawyer to hawaii to retrieve hoping to put an end to the controversy about his place
9:26 am
of birth, the long form certificate is now public. it shows the president was born in honolulu august 4th, 1961. we'll be right back. make a wish!
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ooh. happy birthday todd. it's for a cough... from allergies... [ male announcer ] halls relieves coughs and sore throats due to allergies too. now you know. i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. i was just informed while on the helicopter that our president has finally released a birth certificate. i want it look at it, but i hope it's true. so that we can get on to much more important matters so the press can stop asking me questions. she have done it a long time
9:29 am
ago. why he didn't dolintons asked f didn't do it when everybody else was asking for it, i don't know. but i am really honored frankly to have played such a big role in getting rid of this issue. we have to see is it real, is it proper, what's on it. but i hope it checks out beautifully. i am really proud, i am really honored. now we can talk about oil, we can talk about gasoline prices, we can talk about china ripping off this country, we can talk about opec doing numbers on us like nobody has ever done before. we can get on to issues and hopefully when i sit down with interviews people don't start talking about birth certificate, birth certificate, like they've been doing. so i feel i've lish accomplishe
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something really important and i'm honored by it. okay. [ ib and you hnaudible question] >> i'm taking great credit. you have to ask the president why didn't dough it a long time ago. when hillary clinton was asking, when everybody was asking, why didn't he do it? it's shocking. >> why is that relevant? >> people ask me for my birth certificate, and i gave it to two days later. >> before that you said you wouldn't believe what my investigators on the ground are saying. do the people in this country now knneed to doubt the information you're being given is this were you making this up? >> no, i think what you're going to see mf-fir-- we have to looke certificate, but i'm really happy that this has finally
9:31 am
taken place because we have some issues that are unbelievably important. >> you didn't answer my question, sir. >> i think i did it. no, i did answer your question. >> what your qualifications to assess this? you say you have to look at it and you have to decide. what gives you the authority? >> well, i'm going to look at it and many other people will look at it. you'll have many people looking at it. and obviously they'll have to make a decision because it is rather amazing that all of a sudden it materializes. but i hope it's the right deal. i'm sure -- i hope it's the right deal. we have to look at it. a lot of people have to look at it. experts will look at it. and i'm really happy and honestly i'm very proud that i was able to bring this to a point. nobody else was. the clintons clrpts. a weren't. all the other people who talked about it for years weren't.
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next question. [ inaudible question ] >> let's hope it's true. i don't want to answer that question because it's so negative. at this point, i don't want to answer that question because you're asking a very negative question if it's not true, if it's not really his birth certificate. i don't want to answer that. i hope it's true. and the reason i hope it's true, because we have very big problems in this country. will country is suffering right now. i have people, they can't get glen in their tank, they're topping out their tank because they can't afford to do it properly. they've never had this before. you look at resorts around the country, they're not doing any business because people don't drive. and then if you look at saudi arabia, what they did, it's unbelievable. three days ago, they announced essentially that they're going to raise the price of oil by cutting back on production. and we have nobody to speak to these people. we have nobody that calls or talks and says you're not going
9:33 am
to do it, fellow, we're protecting you. you wouldn't be this except for us. we have nobody. now, yesterday our president said that he has very little impact over the price of gasoline. i think he's 100% wrong because opec is setting the price of fuel. we have oil all over the place, all over the place. every ship at sea is loaded up with oil. they don't know where to dump it. and yet every day we're setting records and pretty soon we'll be at that 150 a barrel, the all-time record. when the president says he has no power over that, it's pretty sad. [ inaudible question ] >> i certainly hope it's not possible and i hope we've accomplished a lot by what i've been doing and i hope we can start talking about opec and china taking our jobs and making everything for us. i hope we can start doing that.
9:34 am
what i would do differently is come down very hard on opec fp if you look at these nations, they wouldn't even be there except for us. you take a look at kuwait. we handed kuwait back to the people that right now essentially own kuwait because it's really ownership more anything else. we handed it back. they never paid us. you look at these nations, saudi arabia, we protect them and then they want to raise the price of fuel? it's not high enough? so it would be very easy and very quick to get gasoline prices down. gasoline prices are at $4, $5. they're going to $6 and $7 assure as you're standing there. >> in terms of credibility in 1988 you were running as a democrat. why should people -- >> it's sort of interesting because new hampshire has been a
9:35 am
special place. i came up in 1988 or '89, a long time ago, as a favor to a friend of mine and i made a speech. but it's a place this i've always liked and i've been to actually many times, new hampshire, and in makings speech, every thought i was running for president. as you know, i wasn't running for president. i made a speech on success for a friend of mine around 1988. and the buzz was unbelievable because it happened to be new hampshire and it was sometime prior to rhyme area seasprimary. so in a way new hampshire sort of got me started. but i did come up in 1988, may a speech, it was really a speech on success much more so than politics. in fact i don't know it if politics played a role in the speech. and it was great. it really did, it sort of got me started. but i did that speech actually for a friend. i didn't do it because i was running because i wasn't running.
9:36 am
>> so why should people think you're a republican? >> well, i am a republican. i'm a very strong republican and i've been a republican for a long while. and i'm proud of it and i think that i'm quite conservative as a republican. and about if you look at the polls, i mean, i just saw two more polls today where i'm leading the polls. and i think the fact in a i was able to get him to finally come out and issue a birth certificate can only help. and i will say this, one of the big pollsters who came out with a very strong poll where i'm leading just yesterday said if you actually announced your poll numbers would go substantially up but a lot of people think i'm having a good time. i'm not having a good time. [ inaudible question ] >> are you an intelligent man, have you been listening? i just don't know. are you intelligent? because here's the problem. i hate saying it because it sounds trivial. but i have a very, very
9:37 am
successful show on television. the mull one show on nbc. a show that even the "new york times" yesterday said is a very successful show. i have a show called "celebrity apprentice." i cannot announce until that show is over. just can't do it. i'd love to do for you, but i can't do it. when the show is over -- let me explain. when the show is over and the finale will be on may 22nd, when the show is over, i will then be free to announce. i think you will be surprised at a number of things. but i think you will be surprised at what my announcement is. >> you also raised questions about his education credentials. >> yeah. >> are you prepared to say today that all these issues can be put to the side and that you accept that mr. obama is who he says he is? >> no. >> or do you still think there are legitimate -- >> everything is legitimate. you ask me questions that frankly the press doesn't get
9:38 am
angry. look, the press is very protective of president obama. okay. let's go back to done donald trump. we lost our signal for a second. >> the word from what i've read is that he was a terrible student. he then gets to klum b s ts to harvard. how did you get to harvard if you're not a good student? now, maybe that's right or maybe it's wrong. but i don't know why he doesn't release his ordinaries. why doesn't he release his occidental records? i'll tell you who cares. if he was or he wasn't --don' t for themselves? >> education has always meant a
9:39 am
lot to me. if he doesn't want to release it, that's fine about that butt word is you'd think he'd want to release it actually because the word is he wasn't a good student and he ended up getting into columbia and harvard. and i'd like to know -- well, this is what i read written by some of the people in this room. i'd like to know how does he get into harvard, how does he get into columbia if he isn't a good student. it's an interesting thing. yes. [ inaudible question sncht ] >> i'm just reporting what i read. i read stuff that you people write. what's worse innuendo than what i go through, what people say about me? i have the ultimate innuendo. but i promise you one thing, nobody will protect me like they protect our president. so just in finishing, i'm really honored and i'm really proud that i was able to do something that nobody else could do. i'm really happy about it. and now experts will check it
9:40 am
and everybody will go over it and i hope everything will be perfect. and by the way, if you remember from day one, i said i hope he gives his certificate because i don't want this issue clouding a campaign. [ inaudible question ] >> that's not up to me that's up to questions. i'm suhuure it this are excelle of expeexcellent -- there are plenty of experts who will look at it. [ inaudible question ] >> i've had a lot of friends that are democrats and republicans. and over the year, if you know, new york is a largely democratic place. it's very rare that you see in new york city as an example for a republican to get elected. the numbers are staggering. where a democrat whether get 94% of the vote and that's if the republican is doing a good job. so it's a very, very interesting fact that it happens to be almost all democratic.
9:41 am
over the years i've assumed many republicans, many democrats, and i think that's something nice about that. when i look at washington and i see the way they fight like cats and dogs, just fight like nobody's ever fought before, people that have been in the senate that are friends of mine for a long time, they said we've never seen hatred -- they used to be friends. they would argue and then go out to dinner together, the republican and the democrat. and they would get things done. now we're like at a stalemate. i think it would be great if somebody got in this this that actually could get along with both sides and i know many of the people that are on the democratic side and in some cases they're friends and i get along with them great. and i think it's time for people to sit down, get together, and get this mess that we're in right now solved. so i view that as an asset, not a liability. yes, ma'am. [ inaudible question ]
9:42 am
my views change. and when i talk, i do a lot of speaking about success and i tell people you have to remain flexible because the world changes. the world will always change. and you can't just have like an idea and then this idea it's like go through a wall. sometimes you have to be able to go under the wall, around the wall, over the wall. so i've always said have a goal, work hard, but you have to have a certain fwlelexibilities. if you look at virtually every candidate that runs for office or currently running for office, they've had view has are much different ten years ago than they have now. so my views changed and virtually all of the candidates' their views changed. and i don't think that's uncommon. [ inaudible question ] >> i actually think you're playing with me, but i accept that. >> and will you play with us a little more or whether it end
9:43 am
when you make the announcement? >> very interesting question. i think you'll be very surprised. >> ann coulter said you are not running for president, she -- [ inaudible [. >> you'll have to see. we have three weeks. not a big deal. in three weeks you'll see. i think you'll be very surprised. and i think if i do run, i'll do very well. and i think -- hoolook, i'm alry leading the polls and i'm not running. am i leading the polls? thank you. excuse me. cnn did a poll recently where obama and i are statistically tied. if you'd like, could i send it to you. just call up cnn. [ inaudible question ] >> i think i'd beat obama. it if i look at this economy and how bad it's doing, if i look at this economy and it's doing so poorly and i think ultimately it's going to be largely about that, you look at what he's doing in libya, which is a total
9:44 am
disaster, nobody even knows what's going on in libya, you look at what's happening with gasoline prices where he said he has no control over prices, which he does if he gets on the phone or gets off his basketball court or whatever he's doing at the time. i mean, he should be focused on opec and getting those prices down. that's what he should be focused on. [ inaudible question ] i would have handled libya mch differently. first of all, i don't know who the rebels are and i've said it many times p about the r. the rebels i hear are controlled by iran and al qaeda. so we make them sound like they're out of gone with the wind, it's wonderful, the beautiful rebels, isn't it great. could you end up with worse than gadhafi perhaps. so i have a real problem having our great military people lose their lives in libya and we don't even know what we're getting in to. and i've always said i'd go for libya, but i want the oil. in the old days when you win a
9:45 am
war war, you win a war. now a darks you win a war, we lose lives, you spend billions and then we come out and we go back home. and we have all of the wounded to take care of, all of the dead soldierses and dead military, and what do we get? nothing. this is interesting libya because the arab league which is aund you had sawed told us to g in and take out gadhafi. if they would have sthaed to ai would i have said $5 billion. just for the question, they would have given you all of that money. the other question i ask is we get no oil from libya. china, which is taking over the world economically because they're smart, meaning they are the their leaders are much smarter, china gets a big portion of its oil from libya. they're libya's biggest customer. why isn't china involved? why are we involved with libya
9:46 am
and china is not involved and china by the way, the imf came out two days ago, they said by 2016, china is bigger than we are. and you know why they're bigger shall because they're making our products. if they didn't make our products, they wouldn't be at all bigger. [ inaudible question ] >> china is taking unfair advantage of the united states and other countries by a total manipulation of their currency. if they continue to manipulate their currency, if i'm in office, and i decide to run and win, within one day, they're going to be told you keep manipulating your currency, we're going to tax you 25%. now that's going to do two things. first of all, they'll stop manipulating at the mere thought of it if they believed it. but they'll believe this administration because when the president of china comes to the united states, we hold a state
9:47 am
dinner for him will in the white house. now, here's a guy that's been cr screwing our country for years. they'll make $300 billion profit, call it profit, this year, $300 billion more than that. and we hold a state dinner. and the reason is because they man ipulate their currency brilliantly. and i have no anger at china. if i was from china, i'd be very proud of my leaders. but i'm from this country and i'm proud of this country, but i'm not proud of our leaders because they're allowing the world to take advantage of us. they are allowing the world to rip us off like never before. and by the way, when you talk about budget definite s deficit our economy ever get good somehow can our economy ever be strong, ever, when we have other countries making our product? it can't happen. i watch ben bernanke not long ago say, no, unemployment's
9:48 am
going to be bad for a long time. you know why? because india is taking so many jobs through outsourcing. china is making our products so we don't have -- i look at places like newton, iowa, where may tag moved in to mexico and devastated the town. so it if you put a -- >> here's president obama in the briefing oom abo ining room abo the birth stecertificate issue. >> let me comment on the fact that i can't get the networks to break in on all kinds of other discussions. i was just back this listening to chuck, he was saying it's amazing that he's not going to be talking about national security. i would not have the networking breaking in if i was talking about that, chuck, and you know it. as many of you have been briefed, we provided additional
9:49 am
information today about the site of my birth. now, this issue has been going on for 2, 2 1/2 years now. i think it started during the campaign. and i have to say that over 12 with be mmusement, i've been puzzled at the degree at which this thing kept on going. we've had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, could nfirm , yes, in fact i was born in hawaii august 4th, 1961. we've posted the certificate indication given that is given by the state of hawaii for everybody to see. people have provided affidavits that they in fact have seen this
9:50 am
birth certificate and yet this thing just keeps on going. now, normally i would not comment on something like this because obviously, there's a lot of stuff swirling in the press at any given day, and i've got other things to do, but two weeks ago had the republican house had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences potentially to the country and when i gave the speech about my budget and how i felt that we needed to invest in education and infrastructure, making sure that we had a strong safety net for our seniors, even as we were closing the deficit, during that entire week, the dominant news story wasn't about these huge monumental choices that we're going to have to make as a nation. it was about my birth certificate, and that was true
9:51 am
on most of the news outlets that are represented here. and so i just want to make a larger point here. we've got some enormous challenges out there. there are a lot of folks out there who are still looking for work. everybody is still suffering under high gas prices. we're going to have to make a series of very difficult decisions about how we invest in our future, but also get ahold of our deficit and our debt. how do we do that in a balanced way, and this is going to generate huge and serious debates, important debates and there are going to be severe disagreements and that's good. that's the way democracy is supposed to work, and i'm confident that the american people and america's political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. we always have.
9:52 am
but we're not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. we're not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. we're not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. we're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barters. we live in a serious time right now, and we have the potential to deal with the issues that we confront in a way that will make our kids and our grandkids and our great-grandkids proud, and i have every confidence that america in the 21st century is going to be able to come out on top, just like we always have, but we're going to have to get
9:53 am
serious to do it. i know that there's going to be a segment of people for which no matter has we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. but i'm speaking to the vast majority of the american people, as well as to the press. we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we've got better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we've got big problems to solve, and i'm confident we can solve them, but we're going to have to focus on them. not on this. thanks very much, everybody. >> president barack obama leaving the white house briefing room as the white house tries to tamp down a long-standing controversy over his place of birth, releasing this, the long form, of his birth certificate. it contains, as the form of the birth certificate he released several years ago also contained
9:54 am
honolulu, hawaii as his place of birth, august 4, 1961. the president had to undertake rather extraordinary measures to get this document, having asked the department of health in hawaii to make a special exception and release the long form of the birth certificate. he made that request five days ago. it was granted by the department of health, who wrote the president that they have been disrupted by the numerous requests to see the long form of this certificate and on that basis allowed him to make two copies, certified copies, of this long form of the birth certificate. the president, as you gist saw, in the briefing room saying that he decided at long last to have this long form birth certificate released in the hopes that it would finally end a controversy that has certainly been around for a couple of years, but in recent days has gotten a lot more attention. the president said he feels it's distracting from the serious issues before americans. i want to turn to our panel.
9:55 am
we're joined by john thin martin, joe lock harte, and joe lock har lockhart, had you been a member of the president's communications team, you served under president bill clinton works you have taken this same action and did they do it too late? >> i don't think they did it too late. in the short term, the president benefited. the president called out the barker today, donald trump. there's no better cable split screen than donald trump and the president because it reminds people that's the choice they're going to face in 2012. takes it away from real problems in the country and the president said a carnival barter. the president made a stronger point. in the longer term we've got to have this debate. as much as think hurt republicans and they squeezed out of it was time to put this to rest.
9:56 am
>> now surprisingly donald trump took credit that the president has at least a long form of his birth certificate and held reporters in new hampshire making an array of fashionable statements. you as i, michael, sat down with donald trump last week and looked deeply into this issue. you've spoken to the director of health in hawaii and just so everyone is clear, it was not -- the president was not legally able to get this long form without a special exception deeg granted. it now has been granted. correct? >> exactly. the state law was that this document that was released today could not be publicly released. what the state of hawaii used, uses, as a valid birth certificate is the short firm certification of live birth that was publicly released by the campaign, by the obama campaign more than two years ago. and, of course, this led to this bogus conspiracy theory that the
9:57 am
underlying form was somehow different. i spoke to the hawaii health director who twice inspected the files and certified to me that as she did publicly at the time, that the long form is identical, has the identical information as the short form. it does. >> yeah, we can show it. the key difference is that the long form as the name suggests has additional information. the short form has the basic, the place of birth, names of parents, the long form has bigraphic information of the parents and poor importantly, the name of hospital where president obama was born. >> the conspiracy theory suggesting nobody knew which hospital it was we now know. no contradiction. it's also signed by the doctor. signed by his mother. signed by a state retgister. this ought to settle the issue. one thing a factor out there i don't think people have focused
9:58 am
on is even without trump, this story was getting traction. jerome corsi, the architect of the swift boat attack on john kerry during the 2004 campaign is about to publish a book called "where is the birth certificate?" >> somebody who's been talking -- >> and this is somebody who's been trafficking in these kind of theories and has been quite convincing and persuasive to one donald trump. he will tell you point blank, that's who he's been listening to. jonathan? >> savannah, the white house has a problem and an opportunity here. the problem was, a good chunk of americans actually had questions about where the president was born. it was becoming a distraction. the president conceded he couldn't penetrate talking about the budget because of stories over his citizenship. here's the opportunity, though. the more they can talk about this issue, putting this actually out now in the public domain, it portrays the opposition as fringy and if
9:59 am
you're an independent voter in this country and you see this out there now, it's settled. if republicans -- the far right, are talking about it still, it's a great opportunity for this white house to say, look, we're trying to address gas price, jobs, foreign affairs. they're talking about where he was born. so the white house had a short-term problem but i think the longer term here, it's a great opportunity for them to portray the right as really on the fringe. >> and nbc's mike have 's mike the white house when the white house team briefed the press. i mean, one thing an official said to me, look, we know that in some ways we may have actually benefited politically having stretched this out, because it makes the republicans look so fringe. it makes them look like they're not at all susceptible to reason or evidence and yet the president, according to white house officials, said let's end it. let's just finish this now. >> yeah.


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